“Coaching sessions with Amanda made me realise why I kept putting off doing certain things. Breaking down challenges into bite-sized chunks and setting deadlines for reaching them helped me to overcome obstacles and achieve things that I thought were unachievable. Coaching has helped me to face challenges instead of putting them off. I would use life coaching again and recommend it.”

L Wild, Chester


“ Thank you Amanda for your support at this rocky time for me. Making changes in my career and personal life at the same time was an enormous undertaking. I knew that coaching was not going to provide all of the answers on a plate. I knew that I had to be committed to working out what my next steps were on my own but I also knew that Amanda would support and encourage me by drawing out my ideas through questioning. I would recommend life coaching sessions to anyone who is willing to invest in themselves and has the determination to make changes in their life.”

Victoria, Wirral

“Amanda was professional at all times, she made me feel very comfortable and I would recommend her as a life coach. I had very positive experience. At the end of each session, I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Amanda asked me the right questions to get me thinking through my ideas and to get me to plan my next steps. It is strange that just saying out loud what you are thinking to someone neutral leads to such a successful outcome.”

Hannah Browne, Wirral

“Amanda’s positive attitude towards different life options reinforced the feeling that ‘anything is possible’. The searching questions that she put to me made me think in a wider and more creative way. Her understanding of the different areas of my life requiring attention gave me confidence to deal with them.”

S. Hearfield, Ellesmere Port

“Thank you ever so much for all your support in helping me achieve my aims. Procrastination is now a dirty word! I certainly feel much better in myself now that I know I can deal with my stresses and worries, and have created more leisure time for myself going forward.”

C. Darwen, Chester